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    FASTENCASH MONEY TRANSFER SERVICES LTD is an India focussed payment services Provider established in 2009..

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  • Our Focus

    Fast Encash strives to leverage their connections, experience and its understanding of the destination geography...

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  • Our Mission

    Fast Encash is driven by a group of processionals with the objective to reach out to expatriate individuals, families and businesses to address their ever-growing remittance needs wherever they live...

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    Money Transfer: Over the counter from own branches and also on line straight through with the help of banks...

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  • Anti Money Laundering & Compliance

    Fast Encash is committed to support Governmental and other regulatory initiatives to prevent the threats of money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

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  • Terms and conditions & Complaints procedure

    FastEncash Money Transfer Services Ltd (normally referred as Fast Encash) is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales...

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  • About Us

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  • Anti Money Laundering & Compliance

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About us

Anti Money Laundering & Complliance

Fast Encash is committed to support Governmental and other regulatory initiatives to prevent the threats of money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Towards that end, we have put in place complianceprogramme and practices that incorporates international standards and best practices as well as all relevant requirements of Antimony laundering and counter-terrorist financing related legislation in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
As part of our compliance programme, Fast Encash has implemented policies and procedures to detect, prevent and report incidences with direct or indirect connections with money laundering and reporting suspicious activities and transactions. Transactions are undertaken with an on boarding process with a frame work contract draft of which is annexed.In the process, we require standard KYC documents from all prospective customers KYC documents as part of our basic due diligence process and enhanced due diligence process as applicable. The process will involve standard basic KYC documentation proof of address and source of income/funds. We will also be exercising on going due diligence where ever necessary to ensure that we are in compliant with the regulatory prescriptions.
Transactions are also subject to screening against some of the select and prescribed data bases to ensure that the transactions are compliant. The policy and practices are reviewed periodically and updated. All the staff are trained at periodic intervals and are familiar with the practices required to be followed.
Customer security Fast Encash is registered with the Information Commission. We understand that security is a critical component in today's business. We have implemented the very best security controls and features to ensure full confidentiality of your account details and financial transactions. Controls such as firewalls, hosting areas, anti-virus software The privacy of customer data has been considered and prioritized in all aspects of business through Fast En cash.. As a result, we maintain systems to protect the security of your information and to protect your information from unauthorized accessand encryption levels are utilized to prevent spyware issues and hackers.
Secure Online Communications At Cambridge, we utilize numerous levels of physical, logical and software security controls to protect our hosting infrastructure. Data safely travels through "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology using 128-bit encryption. This is the "de facto" standard for data encryption on the Internet. It means unauthorized individuals will not be able to decipher your confidential and sensitive financial information.
Secure Operational Centre We maintain our servers in a secure, internal facility that can only be accessed by authorized senior personnel. We retain redundant software, and continually monitor and service our onsite facilities to that disruptions are both manageable and kept to a minimum.
Privacy Notice Fast Encash strive to value and uphold client and prospect privacy.
How We Obtain Personal Information We collect non-public personal information from and about the client/prospect from the following sources:
* Applications and other forms
* Telephone recordings
* Consumer or credit reporting agencies
* Third parties associated with our customers.
* Email messages
How We Use Personal Information We collect non-public personal information from and about the client/prospect for the following purposes:
* To comply with applicable laws and regulations, most notably anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing legislation;
* To carry out customer related requests;
* To conduct internal risk assessments;
* To protect against fraud.
While some personal information may be collected over the telephone, the purposes of recording and monitoring telephone calls is evidence business transactions, to ensure quality control and to improve internal training measures.
Disclosure of Personal Information We do not disclose your non-public personal information to any non-affiliated third parties except:
* To computer services consultants and technicians or other security and compliance consultants, in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of customer records;
* To financial service providers, such as bankers, in order to carry out required institutional risk control, to carry out requested services, and/or to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability;
* Where required or permitted by law, for example to government and/or law enforcement agencies as required or permitted by law;
* To any person where we have your written consent to do so.
Please be aware that we may maintain and process your non-public personal information outside your country of residence. As such, your data is subject not only to local legal and regulatory requirements, but also to legal and regulatory requirements of those other foreign countries.
How We Protect Personal Information We protect non-public personal information about our customers by:
* Entering into written confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements with third party service providers for certain disclosures;
* Restricting access only to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products or services;
* Maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
Personal Information and Our Website When you visit our website, we will not collect any non-public personal information about you, unless you provide it to us voluntarily. Please note that by providing Fastencash with non-public personal information you consent to us using your data to conduct our business, to make available products and services that may be of interest to you and for the development of web statistics. Fast encash may gather and analyse information regarding usage of our website, including domain name, the number of hits, the pages visited, previous/subsequent sites visited and length of user session. This information may be gathered by using a cookie. A cookie is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our web page server. You can choose whether or not to use a cookie by altering the settings of your browser. A cookie will make the use of our website faster and easier.

Privacy contact If you wish to have previously submitted information deleted from our web-based marketing databases, access your personal information or have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us via phone at 00442085521808 or by mail to (
This Privacy Notice is intended to inform our clients' directors, authorized signatories and/or ultimate beneficial owners of our data collection, retention and disclosure policy. Fast Encash reserves the right to modify sections of this Privacy Notice at any time. Please check this Privacy Notice from time to time for any changes.

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